About Gender Based Violence (GBV) Kenya map

The gender based violence Kenya map, also referred to as GBV-Kenya

map, is a web-based national referral directory of clinical, psychosocial,

legal, security and coordination service providers in Kenya. The

GBV-Kenya map serves the needs of sexual and gender based violence

(SGBV) survivors and organizations responding to SGBV during

emergency and non-emergency situations, by providing information on

GBV service providers closer to their locality where they can go and

seek help.

The GBV-Kenya map was initiated by UNICEF under the UN Joint

Program on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (JPGEWE) in

2011. Currently, the GBV-Kenya map is run by the International Rescue

Committee (IRC) under the Peace Initiative Kenya (PIK) project of the

USAID, to promote Child Protection and GBV prevention and response.

The map includes over 850 service providers and is available to SGBV

survivors, government, service providers, UN agencies, donors and

emergency responders. It has been designed with multiple end-users in

mind, but with the intent of site functionality being prioritized for

Gender Based Violence (GBV) helpline 1195 and Child Protection (CP)

helpline 116. Being a publically accessible resource, the website is also

supports help-seeking behavior and serves as an information persons.